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Real Estate

Colorado Homes, Commercial and Industrial Properties, and Ranches

Real Estate Transactions

There are many reasons to contact an attorney when buying or selling real estate:​

  • New construction questions, such as code inspections, mechanics liens risks, and warranties

  • Special warranty deeds or amendments

  • Rent-to-own contracts

  • HOA issues

  • Business operations included with real estate

We work with realtors, sellers and buyers to come up with creative solutions to these issues. 


Catherine Swan has a degree in civil engineering and worked in construction for over 20 years. With her boots on the ground experience, Catherine is skilled at recognizing potential risks before they become a problem. You can expect great results from your real estate transactions with her knowledge and skillset on your team.

Not sure if you should consult with an attorney about a real estate deal?

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New Housing Development

Combining Real Estate and Construction Law

Request a Consultation

Catherine Swan began her career as an engineer, so she knows how complicated engineering issues can become. After earning her law degree, Catherine worked for ten years as an in-house attorney at a major family of construction companies, overseeing billions of dollars in transactions during her tenure.


When real estate and construction issues overlap, her years of experience are invaluable. If you have a concern about your property, contact Swan Law for a consultation.

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