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Estate Planning

Wills & Trusts

According to the law, your estate consists of all your assets: tangible and intangible. Your estate includes your bank accounts, your home, and your life insurance policy. It also includes heirlooms from your grandparents, objects with sentimental value, artistic creations, and your Facebook account.

You are more than your belongings. And a comprehensive, modern estate plan does more than make a distribution plan for the things you own. This is the type of plan we design, specifically for you.

By focusing on just a few areas of the law, especially estate planning, we have developed the right tools to make this process easy for you. We are familiar with many different scenarios that can inform your decisions.

We also provide excellent elder law and end-of-life planning counsel and advice. We create connections between our clients and the right doctors, social workers, and other planning professionals to help you make an easy transition if you need to help an aging loved one. We know how difficult it is to see a loved one getting older. Whatever your concern, we can design the right plan and assemble a team to help you feel confident in your choices.

When you create an estate plan, you give the people who love you an invaluable gift: you cared enough about them to relieve them of added stress and expense.

Planning at Each Stage

A good estate plan doesn't just sit on the shelf.

It grows with you and reflects your values and needs at each stage of your life.

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A Will or a Trust?

In Colorado, the process after you die is very different depending if you have a will or a trust. That's why it's important to think carefully about which choice is right for you.

It depends on your assets. The amount of real and personal property, combined with your tangible and intangible assets, will help us determine whether a will or a trust is right for you and your loved ones. Maybe you have a loved one with supplemental needs, and you want to protect their government benefits even if they receive an inheritance. Maybe you have a blended family, and you're not sure how to treat step siblings in your plan. These deep and detailed questions about your family provide us with insight to help you decide if a will or trust works best for you.

It depends on what you value. Maybe you are concerned about extended disability, like requiring Memory Care as you age. Maybe you don't like the idea of funding and maintaining a trust. Do you care about saving time now, or that your heirs save time and money down the road, after you're gone? When we meet in your Legacy Planning Session, we can talk about your answers and what they mean for creating a will or setting up a trust.

Each estate plan reflects the individual values of a person. Learn more by setting up a Legacy Planning Session:

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Single People

It's especially important for unmarried adults (over age 18) to create an estate plan because they might live far from their families and don't have obvious choices for emergency contacts or healthcare decision-makers if they were in an accident and could not speak for themselves.

If you are unmarried and have a partner or friend you want to be your decision-maker, you need an estate plan to make things go your way.

Kid Safety System

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We provide our children with all types of protection. We make them wear their seatbelts and their bicycle helmets. We slather them with sunscreen at the pool and on the ski slopes.


Think of a Kid Safety System as another layer of protection for your child. You provide them with a safety net, so when an emergency happens to you or to them, they aren't waiting in limbo for a decision. If you leave them with a neighbor for the weekend while you and your spouse go out of town, and as you drive over the Continental Divide, you think, I hope the kids are all right, having a Kid Safety System is one of the most comprehensive plans that will give you peace of mind on this matter.


We can't plan for every single scenario, and we can't predict what life will bring, but we can create plans that include temporary guardianship, so if there's an emergency, your children will have a better chance of staying with people they know and trust. We can create permanent guardianship documents, too, so if something does happen to you, at least you know your children are safe and provided for.


A Kid Safety System is essential to your child's safety and well-being as any other physical protection you give them, and our system is backed by many attorneys across the nation, meaning you have many years of experience put into these documents to make sure your child is protected.


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 Flat-Fee Estate Planning

Focus on Families

We chose to implement flat-fee estate planning because we believe it offers better value to the families we help. In Colorado, families come in all shapes and sizes, and by learning about the people in your life, we can honor each of their individual needs in your plan.

Our estate plans include two meetings: the Legacy Planning Session and the Signing Ceremony. During these meetings, our focus is on you--not on the clock.

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