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Helping Businesses Grow & Thrive

We work with businesses of all sizes to get real and keep up with annual maintenance, so you can focus on the work you love. By incorporating your self-run business or creating an LLC, you could find many advantages, including added protection from lawsuits and important tax implications.

Business Sales

We love to see business longevity in Colorado. We know how you rely on your local feed store or a nearby neighborhood restaurant to be there for you--with expertise, with good company, and with friendly service. When one of these businesses is sold to a new owner, we look forward to the energy and enthusiasm new people bring to its brand.

Buying and selling a business is so much more than a real estate transaction, even when real estate is involved. During her tenure as corporate counsel for a large family of construction companies, Catherine Swan was on the front lines of mergers and acquisitions of all sizes. She worked in the fine print, making sure every asset was accounted for. She brings this same level of expertise to working with business owners across Colorado.

In the 21st century, buying a business is more than taking over a phone number. Catherine pays particular attention to identifying and capturing value of intangible assets such as branding and historical data and many other make or break facets of a deal.

Swan Law has provided valuable counsel to business owners, making business transactions easier and more efficient for both seller and buyer, reducing disappointments. We assess the value of intangible assets connected to the business, and we can help you negotiate for what you want, and what you deserve.

Without consulting a savvy attorney, you put yourself and your business at risk. Swan Law is ready to provide you with the advice you need to make buying and selling a business a success.

Business Succession Planning

If you own a business, a succession plan is imperative to the well-being of anyone who depends on you, including your family and your business partners. If you want to design your business succession plan, schedule a meeting through this website.

Incorporation and Maintenance


Years of Experience

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Swan Law is also a local business, owned and operated here in Colorado. That's part of why we love working with other small businesses, to help them stay on track with incorporation and maintenance, succession plans, and transactions. 

Learn more about how we help businesses thrive.

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