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Swan Law, PC

 Founded in 2014

We're Steamboat Springs locals who care about the quality of service in this community. 

Swan Law, PC

Our Vision

There's so much to enjoy in the Yampa Valley, so why spend your time in an attorney's office? That's why we are clear about cost and commitment.

We know that you are coming to us with issues that are difficult or complex. We create a tailored approach for your specific needs, so we can get to the heart of your issue, saving you stress and time.


Catherine Swan

Founder & President

After twenty years on a ranch in the north country, Catherine moved to town and is living the big city life, where her teenager can finally get to school by himself. He outgrew his skis again this year, and she hopes that will stop before he's as tall as a yeti.

Catherine thinks the best thing about Steamboat Springs is skiing, and the best thing about skiing is everything--what's not to love about skiing?

Catherine got her start as a civil engineer for the federal government. Then, she became an attorney at TIC (a family of construction companies), where attorneys focused on education and preventing legal issues before they started.


When construction or engineering issues intersect with real estate, business, or estate planning issues, Catherine has the expertise to craft a winning solution.


Catherine loves bringing all of these experiences together at Swan Law, where business is personal.

Email : Tel: 970-879-1572

About Catherine

We appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and resources.

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Happy Clients


Value #1


We believe that open communication is the only way to make an estate plan that actually works. We charge flat-fee for our estate plans because we want to spend the time learning about your family and your values, so we don't miss any of the important parts of your life when it comes to making a plan for you.

Our estate plans include two meetings: the Legacy Planning Session and the Signing Ceremony. During these meetings, our focus is on you--not on the clock.

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