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Your Passion Can Live On in the Yampa Valley

What do you love about the Yampa Valley? What would you like to preserve for future generations? Charitable giving can provide many valuable advantages through estate planning and allow you to create a lasting legacy for the public good.

Working with the Yampa Valley Community Foundation, you can be sure your philanthropic desires will be realized. With the goals of providing for your loved ones, reducing taxes, and remembering worthy causes, there are a variety of techniques available that have mutual benefit to you, your community and your favorite charitable organizations, both now and into the future.

Estate taxes can take a huge bite out of the assets you have built over your lifetime. Gift planning is a way to manage estate tax issues for your heirs. The assets you contribute to your charitable fund during your lifetime are not subject to estate taxes. Your planned giving can vary from a simple bequest to a charitable remainder trust which provides income throughout your lifetime to a contribution of an appreciated asset. There are options that will most likely meet your specific needs.

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation can help you prioritize your goals for social impact while achieving the most favorable income tax benefits available. We encourage you to work with your estate planning professional or tax advisor to determine the type of gift that is right for you and your family. Your planned gift may be unrestricted, leaving it to the foundation to direct funds toward the best nonprofits and most critical needs, or you may create a fund to support your favorite causes or add to any of our existing funds at the community foundation.

To learn more how to ensure your passion for the Yampa Valley continues beyond your lifetime, contact Yampa Valley Community Foundation at 970-879-8632.

Mark Andersen currently serves as the executive director for the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.  He has over 20 years of experience in nonprofit administration, fundraising, program management, and public relations. He can be reached at

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