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Legacy Planning Is Self-Care

When your mind is clear, you experience a wonderful feeling of well-being.  However you achieve that balance, whether it’s a bluebird day on Mount Werner or meditation practice, you are happy when you learn to live with a certain stillness inside, no matter what’s going on in your life.

Still, worry can creep in, and unexpected things happen to everyone.  You can reduce worry by having a Legacy Plan or a Kid Safety System in place putting you at ease about what would happen to your family if something unexpected happened to you.

Peace of mind is a great gift to yourself and to your family; they will feel that protection and know you have taken care of them.

Another path to total wellness is your physical health.  Here in Steamboat, we demand a lot from our bodies with different physical activities that change with every season.  Though we all trust our bodies deeply to perform in the way we want, imagine if something happened that rendered you unable to communicate.

If you had a Legacy Plan in place, you’d have health care directives and the right person in-charge of your health care, and this can make a world of difference.  Your family can avoid the confusion and discord that might come with making decisions for you.  You’d also be ensuring that in a time of otherwise unpleasant circumstances, your exact wishes are in place.

Let’s face it, though: your estate planning isn’t really about you.  It’s about your family, your loved ones, and those who depend on you (including your pets!).  Your Legacy Plan includes valuable tools your family needs to have peace of mind that they are carrying everything out exactly as you wanted, and it can be crafted to look to the future to take care of them as well.

Finances have the potential to be another source of stress, but with a good Legacy Plan, you can ensure that your money is properly managed by the right person and that any money you leave behind goes to benefit your children, your pets, and any causes you wish to support.  You know you’re helping all of these areas of your life move forward appropriately.

You can choose how to help your children manage their inheritance by distributing the money over a period of time proving a mentor for them and giving them direction on financial priorities.  You can keep your beloved animals out of shelters.  You can help your favorite causes make a difference in the world.

There’s one less reason to stress when you know you have control over what gets left behind.

Take a deep breath–you can’t plan everything that happens, but you can plan for even the unexpected.  A Legacy Plan gives you that priceless peace of mind you have your affairs in order.  And then you can get back out there on the mountain and achieve the calm you deserve!

Give us a call at 978-879-1572 or send an email to to get started with your Legacy Plan today.

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