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Are You Smarter Than Tom Brokaw?

I recently came across an interesting TED Talk in which Tom Brokaw of NBC News had a conversation with his daughter Jennifer, an ER Doctor.

During the talk, Tom admitted,“Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about my living will. In fact, I’m not even sure where it is at this point.”

It’s always nice to see celebrities are real people with real problems, and Tom’s talk raises a few important questions:

Does your living will still reflect your wishes?

There are many reasons why you may want to update your living will and/or healthcare power of attorney: Has your relationship with your family changed? Is your agent still able and willing to act on your behalf? Has your health changed? Have your beliefs changed? Have you moved?

Have you discussed your wishes with your family?  Tom and his daughter are having this conversation, have you talked about what you want (and don’t want) with those you love?Do you know where your living will is? Unfortunately, we we hear all the time from clients who, like Tom Brokaw, created their documents years ago and have no idea where they are.  This is why we enroll our clients in DocuBank!

Tom Brokaw admits he doesn’t know where his living will is. This is a common problem, which is why we include DocuBank membership for our clients free of charge. Your DocuBank Emergency Card lets you and your doctor access your living will & other emergency info immediately when needed. It’s like you have your documents right in your pocket! You may also contact DocuBank toll-free at 866-362-8226 to enroll.

We want to make sure you stay ahead of Tom Brokaw!  It’s important your living will and advance directives reflect your true wishes, and you know where they are and can access them when they’re needed.

Please call our Client Services Director at 970.879.1572 to schedule your Legacy Planning Session and learn more ways to make life easier for your loved ones. Please don’t want until it’s too late!

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