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5 People Who Need an Estate Plan for Christmas

Parents with young children If there are little ones in their lives, they’ll be thrilled to receive the gift of knowing that their children will always be in the arms of people who know and love them, no matter what. With a Kid Safety System as part of their Legacy Plan, parents can rest easy, knowing they’ve ticked this important box off the list.

Grandmas and Grandpas who have everything If they haven’t already taken care of their planning, children can make it easy for their parents to create a legacy that honors their love for their children and grandchildren. If they already have a plan, it’s a great time to review. See our article 6 Reasons to Review Your Estate Plan.

Sandwich Generation families People in this category often have financial responsibilities in both directions. If someone close to you is supporting their parents and their children, we can help them design a plan with all their loved ones’ best interests in mind.

Empty Nesters When the children have flown the nest, it’s the perfect time to sit down and plan for their secure futures. Swan Law will also include your adult children’s Power of Attorney documents as part of the plan, because we know they’re still your babies, even if they’re no longer at home.

Your Wife We know this is what she really wants for Christmas because she told us so. It lasts longer than any material gift, and shows that you love her and want what’s best for your whole family, no matter what. Besides, she’s been bugging you about getting your planning done, and there’s no time like the “present.”

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