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Why I Love What I Do

What keeps you up at night, worrying or wondering?

We’re often most reluctant to talk about the things that are most important, when it comes to planning for your family or business.  Some of the issues we face are difficult to talk about, polarizing, or politically-charged.  This is especially true of my work because estate planning involves all the people, values, and assets closest to you, the things you care about most.  Maybe you’re worried that your spouse will disagree with your views on how to handle a given situation. Maybe you want to be sure that your children feel treated fairly, even though dividing up assets equally isn’t always fair.

I became an estate planning attorney to help people navigate the stickiest situations.  A fill-in-the-blank estate plan can sometimes work for a cookie cutter life; for most of us, however, there are bumps in the road, nuances between family members, and special people and situations we want to provide for.  That’s why we’re here: to help you realize dreams, connect to your passions, and to assuage your fears.

When you come into my office, I want to learn about who you are and what matters most to you.  That’s why we’ve thrown out the time clocks and use flat-fee billing with our estate planning clients, so I can spend the time getting to know your family dynamic and your plans for the future.  With our network of attorneys, we have the tools to help you implement your best ideas for preserving your values and solving family problems. 

I believe that you (not a judge) are the best person to determine what should happen to your estate.  We can create a business succession plan that solves your family issuesand passes on the greatest elements of what makes you and your business unique.  When I get to know a client’s individual situation, I have the opportunity to take all of my knowledge in the field of estate planning and create a personalized plan, just for you.  This is an incredibly rewarding part of my job as your attorney: intellectually, professionally, and on a personal level.

By far the most rewarding benefit, though, is the relationships I develop with my clients. When we work together to share your values with future generations, I feel I am fulfilling my highest calling as a lawyer.  The gratification of being your trusted counsel and helping give you peace of mind, to craft real solutions for your fears, and to maintain your plans for the future of your family are the reason I love what I do.

In Steamboat Springs, we only have to  look out the window to see people pursuing their passions. It’s such a joy to be surrounded by people who have come here to chase a dream and who love what they do, and I’m grateful to be among them.  Let’s bring our strengths together and make the plan that’s right for you.  So–bring on the difficult situations, the unusual family dynamic, the conflict-ridden business plan!  I’m here to help and here for you.

Call Jamie at 970-879-1572, ext. 1 to schedule your Legacy Planning Session with Catherine Swan, Esq.  We focus on creating personalized plans just for you.

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