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Why Estate Planning Is Retirement Planning

There comes a time when you begin to see retirement on the horizon, and for the first time, it feels like you really you might reach that age and life stage where you can pursue the things you always wanted to do: ski 120 days, learn to sew, write that book.

When you meet with your financial planner to discuss retiring, and how soon you can reasonably retire, he or she will tell you that you need to make sure your estate plan is up to date.

When you're retired, you want to participate in fun and interesting groups--you don't want to spend a lot of time meeting with your attorney. Getting your estate plan updated is a great retirement-preparation task that will leave you feeling ready for your new life stage.

How does estate planning help prepare for retirement?

  1. Estate planning works closely with financial planning. Making your estate plan will help you take inventory of all your assets--both tangible and intangible. We help you organize these assets, assess their values, and make sure you have a plan for them. It's a time to get your ducks in a row.

  2. Estate planning is business-succession planning. If you own your own business, retirement means coming up with a plan to either sell the business or hand it down. When you create an estate plan, an attorney guides you through the process of making the best possible choices for your business and to get the most for your money.

  3. Estate planning is tax planning. Estate planning helps you to make smart decisions, in advance, when it comes to taxes. We'll help you decide if a will or a revocable living trust is right for you, and we'll save your family time and money when it comes time to use your plan.

  4. Estate planning means traveling freely without worry. When you're retired, you'll want to be able to travel--maybe between two different houses or taking long trips in your RV. Estate planning is essential for this kind of travel; it means you're prepared in case of emergencies, not just in your home state but anywhere you go. If you're traveling far from other family members, it gives them peace of mind as well.

Retirement can be a rewarding life change with so much to explore and discover. When you get there, you want to be totally prepared. An estate plan is an essential part of covering those bases for your loved ones.

Ready to retire? Make your estate plan with Swan Law--we offer comprehensive estate plans in northwest Colorado. Call 970-879-1572 today.

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