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What's in an Estate Planning Binder?

Holding your final estate planning binder, with your name on the front cover, is like holding your peace of mind in your two hands.

We often think of a Legacy Plan as somewhat intangible: you’ve heard about how it can protect your assets, keep your loved ones out of court, and provide health care directives.  

Legacy Plans also preserve your accomplishments, your digital assets, and your values for future generations.  These aspects are intangible, but they’re all very important to upholding your wishes for the future.

There are, however, important tangible aspects of your estate plan as well.  The binder that houses your documents is carefully constructed to be accessible to you and to keep your documents safe, so they’ll be available when they’re needed most.

Inside the binder is space for two business cards.  There are business cards for both Catherine and Kate on the inside cover, so you are able to contact us easily and readily.

In order to make your documents as easily accessible as possible, we upload your files to a customized Swan Law jump drive.

Next, we use the label maker to print all the labels for your binder.  We use gold, clear, and white labels to create a special and personalized set of labels that mark your binder and your envelope for your original will.

Your original will is a special document because a copy of it won’t hold up in court.  Sometimes, people secure their wills so well, they can’t be found when they are needed most!

We include a designated space for you to record the location of your originals in the “Introduction” section of your binder.

Don’t forget that if you put your originals in your safety deposit box, you need to assign someone as the co-owner of the box, or they won’t have access to its contents.  We recommend the freezer as a safe and fire-resistant place for your documents.  Just be sure you let someone else know where they are–it might be the last place they’d think to look!

Inside your binder are a set of tabs to divide the documents, and they are customized depending upon your plan.  Because we offer many custom options for each plan, we choose these labels carefully to make sure your plan is unique to your situation.

Catherine will write your documents, and after your Signing Ceremony, we add them to your binder under each tab.  We not only include the legal documents, but we also include plain English guidelines and instructions that make it easy-as-pie for your loved ones to follow and implement when the time comes.

 We understand how important it is to talk over this plan with those closest to you.  If you talk it over with loved ones and find that there are changes you wish to make, you have 90 days to make these changes with no charge for your peace of mind.

Hopefully, your estate planning binder sits for a long while, only coming off the shelf for its review every three years (another perk we include in the price of your plan), so Catherine can ensure that your plan is still current with the law and with your wishes.

When it’s needed most, however, your plan will be there, steadfast, with everything in order.  This might look like an ordinary three-ring binder, but with your documents inside, it becomes SO MUCH MORE: take a great weight off your shoulders and hold your peace of mind in your hands!

Want to hold peace of mind in your hands?  Call Kate at 970-879-1572 or email to get started on your book today.

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