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What's a Pet Protection System?

FAQ: I noticed that your estate plans include a Pet Protection System. What is it? Why do I need it in my plan?

A Pet Protection System is the collection of important documents that tell the people in your life how to care for your pet if you can't do it for yourself.

There are a lot of reasons why you might not be able to care for your pet, even temporarily. These documents assign someone to care for your pet in the meantime. They also designate funds for your pet's care and leave important instructions about your pet for their caretakers.

When you have a comprehensive estate plan, it covers all types of emergency situations. A plan always includes your dependents and for your financial assets. Sometimes, pets get overlooked. We want to make sure that never happens.

Why do we include a Pet Protection System in our estate plans for any client who has pets?

  1. We know how important animals are to people in our region. Many of the animals are not only "pets" but working animals on a ranch or otherwise connected to our clients' livelihoods. It's important that there's no interruption to their care.

  2. If you were injured in an accident, first responders and anyone caring for you might not even know that you have a pet. It could take hours or even days for someone to remember you have animals at home. You can plan ahead so this information is easily available to those who are handling your other affairs.

  3. When you choose who cares for your pet, you maintain control in an otherwise difficult situation. You provide clear instructions to the people who care about you in an emergency. You prevent disputes that might arise from either having too many people who want your pet, or not enough.

  4. When you leave a small amount of money for the care of your pet, you make life easier for the person who is taking on the added responsibility. They will be grateful.

  5. If you have kids, your pets might be important to them. If you were injured in an accident, you could specify that you'd want the pets to stay with your kids. We know that animals provide so much comfort in uncertain times.

You don't want to leave a life that depends on you up to chance in case of emergency. We make it easy, and we include your Pet Protection System in our regular estate plans.

Still need to make a plan? Call 970-879-1572 or make your appointment today.

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