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What's a Legacy Interview?

Beyond having a Will or Trust, what more can I do to preserve my legacy for future generations?

A Legacy Interview can convey your “life story” to future generations.  Often Estate Planning focuses on material assets.  However, the greatest asset you can leave for your loved ones is your legacy and the cherished memories that go with it. Have you ever reflected on your legacy — what you have inherited, the impact you have every day, and what will endure beyond your lifetime?  

A Legacy Interview is a way to explain who you are, what your values are, and what you’d like future generations to learn from you. Most of all, this is your moment to say the personal things you want them to remember, the chance to tell your spouse and children how much they meant to you; and your grandchildren what it meant to be at their birth and to hold them just moments after they took their first breath; or pass on words of wisdom to guide them in their marriages and careers.

Legacy Interviews are how we help our clients at Swan Law, PC transition not just their bank accounts after they pass away, but their even more valuable spiritual wealth – who they are and what’s important to them. Our clients know, it is this their loved ones will most treasure for generations well after their money has dissipated. When we meet for an interview, we ask some questions. We record the conversation and make it into a Legacy DVD for each client. Legacy Interviews are best when they flow naturally from one’s heart. We encourage our clients to spend some time reflecting on what is important to them before their interviews.

If you're ready to record a Legacy Interview, give us a call: 970-879-1572.

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