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What is the best Graduation present?

Do you have a young adult graduating high school or college? Why not add them to your Estate Plan?

At Swan Law we love to cater Estate Plans for your family. We have many options for how to protect your kids if something were to happen to you, even your kids who are over 18!

One of the most important things we do at Swan Law for young adults is set up Healthcare Advance Directives. What are Healthcare Advance Directives? These are legal forms you have on file so the hospital knows who has access to your adult child's healthcare information and who can make decisions if they are incapacitated. It just seems like another birthday, but when your child turns 18 you no longer have legal rights to access their healthcare information or have any decision making for them. If your child is off at college you want to be able to help them, so how can you do that?

At Swan Law we would set your child up with a Healthcare Power of Attorney assigning who can make decisions for them if they are incapacitated. We will also make a HIPPA release with a list of friends and family who could get updates from the hospital. There are a few other documents we will set up, but nothing more important than getting you access to your child's information if they were to be incapacitated.

Now, how does the hospital know you have this paperwork? You can keep it in a box safe somewhere and try to find it when there is an emergency, or at Swan Law we will set you up with a Docubank account. Docubank is a program that is an online filing system. Our office would upload the important documents to their website, in a private storage. Then Docubank will send a credit card to you that has your log in information on it so all you have to do is get to the hospital and show them your card!

Any planning like this will set your whole family up for success as you congratulate your child on graduating!

If you have questions or would like more information please call or email us!


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