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What Is DocuBank?

DocuBank is an online service that gives you 24-hour, remote access to your advanced health care directives, and a one-year subscription in included in your estate plan with Swan Law with an option to renew.  Why do we include a subscription to DocuBank for all of our customers?  Because your health care directives are often time-sensitive, and having access to them at the exact right moment can make a world of difference.

We know that emergencies never happen when it’s timely.  You’ve probably sat in the emergency room late at night waiting for an x-ray with a loved one.  When your health insurance customer service line, your accountant, and even perhaps your attorney’s office are all closed, DocuBank is readily available on the internet.  These documents give healthcare providers access to your emergency contacts, your allergies, and any medical conditions, along with your advanced health care directives.

After we create your Health Care Power of Attorney, HIPAA Release, and other health care directives as part of your estate plan, we’ll upload the signed documents to your DocuBank SAFE.  We receive a DocuBank card with your important information, like your account name and PIN number, for you to carry in your wallet.  The information can be updated on www.docubank.comany time, so you can keep medicine lists and emergency contact information up-to-date.

Imagine your parent has an accident at home.  Because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), doctors cannot release any information regarding health status or even your parent’s location without a HIPAA Release Form.  They might have done the legwork to create this document, but identification won’t be enough; you might still have to leave them at the ER in a time of need to go fetch the documents from home.  If they are carrying a DocuBank card in their wallet, however, the doctors have access to not only the HIPAA Authorization but also to specific health care directives.

A recent study conducted by Geneia revealed that ninety-three percent of emergency medicine doctors felt “less frustrated” when advance healthcare directives were available.  The study also showed that eighty-eight percent of families were more comfortable with the care their loved one received when the doctors had access to advance directives as well.  Advance healthcare directives lead to an overwhelming majority of calmer and more comfortable people on both the doctor’s and the family’s sides of the equation. Those directives can only be useful if they’re accessible at the moment they’re needed, and that’s just what DocuBank provides.

At Swan Law, we not only help you create sound legal documents, but we work to create a whole system that will hold up when you really need it.  DocuBank plays an important role in that system of protecting your loved ones and ensuring your wishes for care are ready for your health care providers.

To learn more, visit or contact 970-879-1572 or assistant@swanlawoffice.

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