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Want to get your kiddos on the mountain this winter?

Ski School:

One great thing about living in Steamboat is the option of two ski mountains. Steamboat Resort offers day classes and Howelsen works with the Winter Sports Club to provide season long lessons to children of any ages and any skill level.

Free Sundays:

Howelsen has free Sundays which is a great way to get on the snow for someone who is unsure about skiing or snowboarding in the first place.

Stay Warm:

There are many outfitters here in town, both new and consignment to bundle the little ones and maybe find something nice for yourself as well! Playing in the snow is fun until you can no longer feel your fingers and toes.

Play outside whether on the mountain or not:

If it is a child's first time on the mountain and they have not spent much time outside in the cold this season, then skis can be a bit daunting. Playing outside in the snow making snowmen or sledding down a hill at a local park is a good way to get those kids used to this snow again.

From all of us at Swan Law, whatever your winter plans, stay safe, warm, and have fun!

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