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Thanking Healthcare Workers: Extended until May 31

UPDATE: Since the pandemic continues, so does our healthcare workers discount. Are you a healthcare worker in Colorado? Contact our office to learn more: 970-879-1572 or

The people on the front lines of this global pandemic--the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers and staff who are taking care of COVID-19 patients--are putting themselves at risk every single day.

These people spend time talking with patients and their families about healthcare wishes: who do they want to name as healthcare decision-maker, if they are unable to make their own decisions any longer? How do they want their body treated? How much treatment is enough?

Though they help their patients with these difficult questions, we know far too many healthcare workers have not yet made these decisions for themselves. We want to help every healthcare worker get protected in the event of an emergency by making an estate plan.

There has never been a more pressing time to prepare for an emergency. If you are a healthcare worker or a first responder, we are here to support you. We are offering discounts on estate planning and multiple payments through the month of April.

Attorneys are considered essential in the crisis, and our office is still open and accepting new clients.

Colorado has also approved virtual notarizing, so we are ready and committed to making your documents work for you.

Protect your family today with a comprehensive estate plan, made by a professional attorney, in your local area. Our estate plans are flat fee, so you can call us to ask questions without worrying about every minute costing money.

We're here for you. Make an appointment today.

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