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Setting a Good Example at the Thanksgiving Table

We all know the feeling: you’re around the holiday table, and someone brings up something serious, maybe even a little uncomfortable.  This is supposed to be a joyful time, a time of togetherness and thankfulness. Why do we have to talk about estate planning?

But after attending the end-of-life speaker series throughout the fall, it became to us clear just how many people want–and need–to discuss these important things with family.  If you’re only together a few days a year, it can seem really urgent: you feel like you have to talk to Mom and Dad about downsizing, so you can make plans to take days off and pitch in with the move.  Or you want to know if they’ve planned for the future without coming off like you’re grubbing for inheritance.  You just want to help.

We’ve got one question for you:

Have you done your Legacy Plan already?

We truly think the BEST way to convince other people in your life to plan is to speak from experience: about how easy it was, about how good you feel now that you’ve planned for the future, and about how smart and friendly and efficient your attorney’s office is.

Plus, you’ll have a beautiful binder in blue and gold to show for your efforts.  You can pass it proudly around the dinner table, or at least hold it up for all to see.

There are people in your family who feel intimidated or overwhelmed at the idea of meeting with an attorney.  There are people who feel superstitious about planning for their own death.  And if you go first, and set the good example, it makes that conversation a whole lot easier.

While there might not be time to make a whole estate plan in the few days before Thanksgiving, there’s one thing you can do: call Swan Law at 970-879-1572, and talk to Jamie about getting a pre-meeting packet.  It contains all the information you need to begin thinking about your estate plan.  You can leave it strategically on the counter as a conversation starter, just waiting for the person you know who needs it most.

“What is this?”

“Oh, that’s my pre-meeting packet for my Legacy Planning Session.  I’m taking care of the people I love with a comprehensive Legacy Plan.”

We don’t like awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations.  Make your life easier by setting the good example this holiday.  We’re grateful this year for all the families we get to plan for and with.  And we’re grateful to you for planning, for taking care of your loved ones, and for taking action for the future.

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