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Now is not the time for a DIY estate plan

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal last week about the number of families "turning to digital services" for estate planning. I feel I need to speak up; I have been on the other side of this situation too many times to sit back and let anyone believe that a DIY plan is a solution when all it does is create more problems.

These so-called plans are not tailored to your state's most current laws, and laws are changing quickly in this crisis. They are not sophisticated enough to make plans that avoid family conflict. What you think is a cheaper option will be more costly for your family in the end.

What happens when someone has attempted to make an estate plan at home is that their plan is incomplete or inconsistent. This is when lawyers really make money: lawyers spend hours sorting out the plan and trying to guess at the person's wishes. Fees add up, estate taxes add up, and families argue and fall apart.

It breaks my heart to see families have falling outs and become estranged over things like disagreeing about medical decisions or asset distributions.

COVID-19, like all emergencies, is complicated. Digital estate plans are not sophisticated enough to plan for the scenarios that you could face in an emergency. They will not be there for you in a true emergency. They may not be notarized or witnessed appropriately, so they may not hold up in a court of law or on the emergency room floor when they're needed most.

Our office, and other attorneys in Steamboat Springs, are currently offering estate planning discounts for healthcare workers and first responders.

As a local office, we know the situations that families face in Routt County. Our estate plans are flat-fee, so you can call our office with questions and reach out to our friendly staff. We're committed to giving you comprehensive estate planning, so your documents will work in an emergency.

Don't leave the most critical decisions about your healthcare, your children's guardianship, and the things you've worked hardest for in life in the hands of some DIY software.

Our office is open and accepting new clients. Swan Law will help you craft the perfect plan that leaves you feeling secure in your decisions and protected for your family.

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