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May Legacy Club: My Kid Is the Best!

Kids. They came into our lives, and everything changed.

Parenting is frustrating and overwhelming and a little scary. But it’s also the most rewarding, most enjoyable thing you do. You get to be parent to a wondrous person who never stops challenging you and never stops bringing you joy.

We’ve got to treasure them when they’re little because they grow up so fast.

So this month, we’re trying to slow down and celebrate what makes each kid special.

May’s Legacy Club is all about capturing your kids. Imagine the gift of opening up your Legacy Plan some day and finding not just a pile of dry documents but a hand-written account of why you love them so much.

Then, they’d really know, your love for them goes beyond the little things, like making their lunches or helping with homework.

Here's your free download:

Here are Catherine’s Legacy Club answers for this month:

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