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Make Giving Work for You

This week--between Giving Tuesday and Colorado Gives Day--is a time when every cause sends you their best, most heartfelt asks, and every cause is so worthy of your donation. You can easily start to feel overwhelmed and to think that if you're only going to give a little, it's not worth giving at all.

But there are so many good reasons to give, whether of your time or money.

Let's look at some of the ways that charitable giving can be part of your estate plan:

Financial Planning

Charitable giving can be a valuable part of estate planning. If you have a large estate and are concerned about taxation, giving to charity can reduce your taxable estate. It's important to work with knowledgeable financial professionals, like your accountant and your attorney, to decide if this fits into your plan.

You may also work with a local community foundation to set up a fund. The Yampa Valley Community Foundation has a knowledgeable team that cares about giving at all levels. Swan Law can help connect you to the right people, so you can meet your philanthropic goals.

Leaving a Legacy

Your legacy is partly made of the money you accrue and the items you own. But it also consists of what you give away. If you have given generously of your time or your money to a cause that is personal to you, we want to help you and your family capture that legacy as part of your plan.

We also want your future children and grandchildren to know your values, and charitable giving is one way that we express those values. By making your values clear, you give your loved ones a clearer message about who you are.

If you have philanthropic goals and want to know more about charitable giving as part of an estate plan, call us at 970-879-1572.

And have a very happy holiday season.

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