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Links We Love

Young, old, or young-at-heart–our Links We Love have a little something for every age this time around.  Here are some resources we find have meaning and value for our friends of Swan Law.

Phew! It’s Normal: An Age-By-Age Guide for What to Expect from Kids and Teens – And What They Need from Us  by HeySigmund: You’re not alone.  This article will give in-depth details for different ages and stages in your child’s life, so you can help meet their needs as their parent.  If you have an older child, the list will remind you of different worries you felt at each stage, and hopefully feel reassured that your child is preparing to step into the next stage of life as a healthy and independent young adult.

Estate Planning Checklist before You Travel: Not sure about you, but leaving the Yampa Valley always prompts me to think about if my things are all in place and order.  I make lists for my luggage and my itineraries…why not for your estate plan?

Did Harper Lee Have a Will? Here’s What Could Happen to the ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Author’s Money: Harper Lee is an intriguing woman who wrote a nearly-perfect novel and then retreated from the public.  As year after year our children read her novel for summer reading, we wondered where her money was piling up and how it would be handled after her death.

It’s Time to Change the Way We Talk about Aging by the Wall Street Journal:  What do we talk about when we talk about aging?  Physical discomfort or financial concerns, perhaps.  We need to recognize the Golden Years as what they truly are: golden.  Many people are happier in their later years, when career stress has passed.  We have the power to change the way we think and feel about aging simply by changing our attitudes.  After all, what’s the alternative?

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