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It's Nurses Week!

What do you know about National Nurses week?

National nurses week is May 6th-12th ending on Florence Nightingale's birthday. Florence Nightingale is referred to as the founder of modern nursing as she had committed her whole life to the care of others. She lived her life with the goal of improving how patients were treated in many hospitals all over the world. Florence is still called "The Lady with the Lamp" from her time working in the Crimean War as a nurse in field hospitals. She was given many awards by the British Crown over her lifetime for her achievements. America recognizes her for her consultation of field hospitals during the American Civil War.

Nightingale once stated "and what nursing has to do in either case, is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him".

As we in America are moving past the Covid-19 pandemic it is important to thank our nurses who worked harder than ever to keep us all safe during this pandemic. As we recognize Florence for her commitment to the improvement of nursing, we also need to recognize the new and challenging ways our modern nurses had to work this past year.

How can we thank them? We all know nurses in large hospitals, as well as nurses in our smaller communities so what can we do for them? Why not send a simple thank you note? Here at Swan Law we are sending some hand written cards to the nurses we want to thank. In this time of recovering from the pandemic we are all adjusting to seeing our friends face to face so we hope a handwritten card will provide some of that real, human connection we are all looking for right now.

If you would like to join us in sending thank you cards to our community of nurses please download the card we have created or make your own!

For all you do, Happy Nurses Week
Download PDF • 27KB

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