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How to Simplify Your Life

My regular mechanic’s schedule fills up weeks in advance, but I wanted my tires changed right away, so I took my car somewhere else.  I was told I needed new brakes.  For whatever reason, on that day, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.  The expense, the inconvenience, the suggestion that I had endangered myself or my passengers by driving without this knowledge, all these factors compiled to make me feel upset and confused.

I phoned my regular mechanic, who put me at ease, and set up an appointment for my car as soon as possible.  It turned out that my brakes did need some attention, but he explained this in a way I could understand, without feelings of urgency or shame that had been incited at first.  I felt calm, relieved.  I trusted his opinion, and I knew he could do the job without a lot of inconvenience to me or surprises to my budget.

That’s why he’s my regular mechanic, and the other place will never be on my radar.  Putting people at ease builds loyalty and trust.  I founded Swan Law with the principle of ease in mind.  I want to explain important matters to my clients in a way they can understand, without getting caught up in legal-speak.  I want clients to know that when we have decided on a flat fee for a service, I will do my best work, no matter how long it takes, without any surprise bills for them.

I want you to know that making a plan and making things easy for your family is more achievable than you think.

When a new client comes into my office, I want to assure them that while this may be the only house they’ve purchased in the last twenty years, I have already worked to make closing on a new house easier for many clients this year.  Buying a house is not routine for most people, but in our office, it’s a common set of steps to making your dream a reality.  Familiarity with certain areas of the law allows us to stay current and achieve better outcomes for our clients.

I love working with families and helping them plan for a successful future with a Legacy Plan.  For me, this is personally satisfying, to see my clients come in with questions and leave with answers.  I have worked hard to become a WealthCounsel attorney, and now I get the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with you, to make you smarter and more savvy in business and estate planning matters.

Think about one of your areas of expertise: what do you enjoy about sharing this gift with others?  Do you enjoy the feeling of using your hard-won skills and knowledge to make someone’s life easier?  Then, think about an experience you’ve had where an expert put you at ease, maybe with a doctor who really spoke patiently and at your level when you were injured.  Imagine that feeling of relief when it comes to legal procedures, even preventative measures like estate planning.  Aren’t you more willing to stick with an attorney who explains concepts to you in a way you can understand?

I love the personal satisfaction of helping people check items off their lists, clearing up family matters, watching clients walk into their new home or get their business up and running.  You’ll love how I take some of the scary and unfamiliar experiences in your life and make them accessible, attainable, and easy.

Do you have a complicated matter that you want made simple?  Call Swan Law Office at 970-879-1572.

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