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How Do I Choose the Right Estate Planning Attorney?

A couple of weeks ago, a reader on our website asked:

“How do I choose who should do my estate plan of the many attorneys in my town?  Seems like some attorneys are ‘experts’ in 20 or more different areas… How can I be sure to work with someone who really knows the details of estate planning?”

Here’s our answer:

Dear Reader,   

You’re right. We live in a small town where many attorneys advertise they are knowledgeable of a wide variety of areas. There are, however, a few of us who focus on estate planning. This is a complex area, and not a place for a jack-of-all-trades attorney.  Just as in the medical profession, you wouldn’t ask your general practitioner to perform your knee surgery!

In our free report, we offer tips for choosing the right attorney. We suggest choosing someone local, who knows the laws of your state and when the laws change, and someone who is experienced but still young enough they are likely to be there for your loved ones when you cannot.  We also suggest hiring a lawyer who understands that your legacy is about so much more than money! You’ll want to capture and protect your intellectual assets, your values, your accomplishments and stories.

While gathering information, you might ask the attorney how many estate plans they’ve done recently and when they last participated in continuing education on the topic. Their outreach and education can also be telling. The content of their social media outlets and website will show how concerned they are about a certain area of practice. Visit News & Insights on our website and our Facebook page to see the kinds of community education we typically provide.

If you think Swan Law may be a good fit for you, give us a call or make an appointment, and we’ll begin the process of planning for your future.  If you’re ready to enjoy the peace of mindthat comes from making a plan for the unexpected, we’ll send you our premeeting packet, so you can get to know all the ways Swan Law can help you love your family and protect your assets.

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