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Friends of the Yampa Scorecard Project

Have you heard? Friends of the Yampa has a new project!

The goal of the Scorecard project is to make an easy to understand scientific study of the Yampa. With the help of scientists and community members the project will produce a long term study of the Yampa's conditions to help make management and conservations decisions in the future. Friends of the Yampa want community involvement in the conservation of the Yampa.

We all enjoy the river, and we all should enjoy conserving the river for the future!

Lindsey Marlow the executive director of Friends of the Yampa spoke to us about the Scorecard project "There are so many great projects occurring in our basin that are taking a multi-benefit approach to water supply solutions, infrastructure improvement, caring for the environmental integrity of the Yampa, and ensuring recreational uses. The Scorecard seeks to understand exactly how well we are doing, where we are at, and how far we need to go to ensure that the river and its uses are conserved for future generations. By developing the scorecard, we will make learning about rivers in a holistic manner and make it understandable, approachable, and fun for everyone.”

If you want to volunteer with Friends of the Yampa you can enter a photo of you at the Yampa in our photo contest and make sure to check the Volunteer box!

As always check out the Friends of the Yampa for events and more information about all of their projects!

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