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February Legacy Club

February’s Legacy Club is all about the people you love most: remembering them, celebrating them, holding their memories close.

We’re also asking you to think about the lessons you’d like to pass on about love: what does it mean to love someone unconditionally?  What do you want your children to think about when they choose the people who will be their partners through life?  These questions will offer guidance as part of your legacy.

You can participate in Legacy Club however you choose: with or without your spouse, by writing down your answers on the worksheet, by recording them with a microphone.  If you’re a Swan Law client who wants to record your answers on video, get in touch with Jamie at

If you’re not a client yet but are beginning to feel that it’s time to preserve your legacy, give our office a call at 970-879-1572.

We’re here to help you preserve your memories and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.  Click here to download February’s Legacy Club worksheet:

Who do YOU love? Tell us in the comments about the people you love most.

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