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Celebrating Differences: What to do with Cremains?

For the month of June here at Swan Law we are focusing on differences, which include different ways we want to be celebrated when we are dead. This is a topic not many people think about on a daily basis, but when we do Estate Plans for people it is part of the conversation of how you want your family and friends to remember you. Cremation is now becoming the more popular option for many people who are making plans for their end of life. So let's talk about some ways to memorialize loved ones with their ashes!

The most popular option is to scatter ashes of loved ones, but this comes with some rules and regulations. As you begin looking for places to spread ashes just double check state and local laws. The National Parks are a very popular place to spread ashes, especially a park close to your loved ones heart. The National Park Service requires a permit to scatter ashes, it is free you just have to follow the rules of spreading ashes in undeveloped areas.

Another popular way to dispose of ashes is to bury them, or memorialize them in a container. This could be anything! Maybe you have Christmas ornaments to put remains in to keep your family always close at Christmas. You can also have custom clay urns made for yourself before death, or for a loved ones ashes.

Now, let's talk about some more unique ways to use loved ones ashes!

First, you can get ashes made into diamonds. Yes, diamonds, then your loved one is always with you and can be created into an heirloom which could be easily passed down in your family.

Second, a tattoo?! Yes, you have to check with tattoo artists and shops to find one that will do this, but an artists can mix a small amount of ash into ink for a tattoo.

Third, you can make your loved one who cared about ecology into a coral reef. A few companies will take ashes to mix with concreate to make man made coral reefs. A great way to memorialize someone who loves the ocean.

How would you memorialize your loved one with their ashes? How do you want your loved ones to memorialize you?

Put it in an Estate Plan! Email or call us to set up a planning session, 970-879-1572

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