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Book Review: More Than Money

More Than Money How to Leave a Lasting Legacy to Your Family

Featuring R. DeDe Soto, Esq. and 14 other thought leaders on what really matters after we die. Celebrity Press © 2010, 195 pages

From the Publisher – What is life about? Why are we here? What do you leave behind when you die? This book answers those questions for you, not on the spiritual or metaphysical plane, but instead from the perspective that matters most to us-how will you impact those people you love after you are gone? In this unique collaborative-style book, these questions are answered by some of the top lawyers throughout the United States and Canada who specialize in this field. Why are lawyers answering these questions? Because these lawyers have an up-close and personal view on what works and what doesn’t work in end of life planning.

From Catherine – Great book! Quick and easy read. Full of real world suggestions on how to empower and sustain our loved ones for generations. I enjoyed how each chapter has a different author with a unique message. These authors have seen countless hardships that could have been avoided if people had planned to leave “more than money”. Yes, there is the usual plug to prepare estate planning documents but it is brief and the focus of the book is much more about effectively capturing our priceless Intellectual, Spiritual and Human assets. The insights on bereavement from Gemini Adams and the impact of Dignity Therapy for terminally ill were affirming. I recommend this book for everyone who hasn’t yet preserved their values, insights, stories and experiences. As we say here at Swan Law, PC

“Legacy Planning isn’t for you – it’s your gift to loved ones you leave behind!”

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