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Back-to-School Emergency Contacts

I feel like I’m filling out a hundred emergency contact information sheets this time of year for my school-age child.  Do I really need to provide contact information for someone besides my spouse?”

Filling out a form might seem straightforward and easy; it’s an activity guided by simple words such as “Name,” “Address” and “Phone Number.”  Still, the form can (and should) give you pause: in the event an emergency, who would you want to care for your child?  

Many people consider their own contact information and their spouse’s information enough, but what if, for any number of reasons, you or your spouse couldn’t get to the phone right away?  What if the two of you were involved in the same emergency?

You don’t want your child to feel frightened or unsafe for even a moment, especially because of some blank spaces on a form. Choose someone who shares your parenting values and with whom your child is very familiar, so they would be comforted and feel safe.  Ultimately, any person your child already knows and feels comfortable with is a better option than keeping them late at daycare, than what would happen in their care facility felt obligated to call the authorities; than someone appointed by a judge.

If you have a Kid Safety System as part of your Legacy Plan, you’ll have designated temporary guardians who can stay with your children in the event of an emergency.  If you need help determining who this should be, we have many resources available to help you better understand who might best align with your parenting values.

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