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April Legacy Club: Words of Wisdom

For Christmas one year, I gave my grandmother a ‘memories’ book full of prompts. She didn’t fill in all the answers, but I remember the ones she wrote very well.

She wrote, for example, about how the best Christmas gift she ever received was a new outfit from the Salvation Army. It was a skirt and a top, both pressed and hung beautifully. She described the way it was so crisp, and the way her sister would take it off the hanger and wear it to schoo.

I still have the perfect image of this all happening, even though it was many years before I was born. It’s something I never would have known about her if she wasn’t prompted to write it down.

That’s why I think Legacy Club is so important. You might think you don’t have much to say, but your loved ones will treasure your words and stories. They will remember them forever.

This month, we’re doing some words of wisdom. Download the worksheet and print it out, fill in the answers, and add it to your binder! Your loved ones will love seeing your handwriting and learning more about your life. Easy as pie.

If you don’t have a binder yet, get in touch at

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