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Announcing Legacy Club!

Swan Law is proud to announce the launch of our one-of-a-kind Legacy Club, where our clients and friends can preserve their memories for their loved ones.

What is Legacy Club?

Legacy Club is a series of prompts based on a monthly theme that help you to think a little deeper about your life and legacy.  It’s completely free and requires no obligation whatsoever.  You may opt-in or out at any time.

Why did Swan Law create the Legacy Club?

We know that a will or a trust are essential parts of planning.  Though we do our best to tailor our documents to individual clients, we also know that you–and your loved ones–are so much more than we can capture in a legal document.  Some of our clients opt for a “Legacy Interview,” where they record special messages to their loved ones on video.  Some opt to write letters and include them with their estate planning documents.  But Legacy Club is designed for those who want to continue the journey of capturing their legacy, little-by-little, with prompts they might not have considered.

Do I need an estate plan to participate in Legacy Club?

Legacy Club is for anyone!  If you have an estate plan, Legacy Club is a dynamic addition to your binder.  If you haven’t done your planning yet, we hope that the questions provided will show you that your legacy is much more than your bank account, and prompt you to think further about planning.  And if you have any questions, contact Jamie, at

How do I participate in Legacy Club?

Each month, we’ll post a free PDF for download on our website.  You participate by downloading the PDF and answering the questions–that’s it! You’re not obligated to share your answers with anyone.  But of course, we’d love to hear from you, either in the comments or on Facebook.

So, let’s get started!

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