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An Honest Note About Grandparents

We can all agree that grandparents are the best. Going to visit grandma and grandpa always means extra snacks and more freedom.

Some of us are lucky enough to spend lots of time with our grandparents throughout our childhood, but some of us may just have yearly visits at best. No matter how you experienced your grandparents I think we can all say they are something magical.

I was a very lucky child who grew up next door to my grandparents all my life. My sister and I never had babysitters we just stayed with grandma and grandpa after school and on weekends. As a kid I explored the woods, had picnics, and listened to endless stories while at my grandparents house. I truly had the best time of my life.

What do you do though when you grow up and your relationship with your grandparents changes? We all grow up and begin our own lives, and sadly sometimes those visits get pushed to the bottom of the list. I moved away from my parents and grandparents at the age of 16 for school and that was the beginning of only seeing my grandma and grandpa a few times a year. Then, their health started to fail. The worst thing that can happen to a loving grandchild is to not be close when a grandparent is lost.

So what can you do as a grandchild or grandparent when life creates distance? I moved across the county for a job and barely make it home once a year to see my grandma, but I do not love her any less. Now, I write letters and make phone calls but sometimes it is not enough. My sister lives close and can see my grandma whenever she wants. It is hard now to feel like when my grandma is gone she will have felt as close to me as she did my sister.

We can all reach out more, and grandparents can make their loved ones feel remembered by including special gifts for them in their Will, or even give gifts before they are gone. My grandmother in particular moved and began giving away items, but those of us far away began getting left out because were are no longer a drive away we are a plane ride. I am so happy my grandma is happy in her life and I just have to accept now that spending time with her when I can will be better than any item she may give away as she cleans out her home. I trust that my calls and visits are enough to keep out relationship alive and I believe she will gift me the important things one day in her Will.

Photo of my Grandma and I circa 2000.

Call or email us to include your grandkids in your legacy plan in a large or small way.


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