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7 Most Creative Things to Do with Cremains

Okay, so you can’t actually have your ashes scattered in Colorado…

What can you do with them?

The options are practically limitless, as we learned back in February with the attempted launch of the record-breaking firework in Steamboat.

Here are some of our favorites:

Cremains Jewelry

Turn ashes into a beautiful conversation piece that you can wear with you always.

Unique Blown Glass Pieces

In addition to jewelry, you can have ashes used to make beautiful paperweights , ornaments, and candleholders.  These pieces will always remind you of your loved one, and they are more enjoyable than a typical urn.

Memorial Space Flights

Send your ashes into the sky with a memorial space flight.  A space funeral starts at about $5,000.

Get a tattoo made of cremation ashes.

Tattoos are a classic way to memorialize someone you love, and it’s all the more fitting to include some cremation ashes, so you can always carry your loved one with you.

Get a BioUrn and grow a tree from the ashes.

Making life out of death is a beautiful way to symbolize the cyclical nature of things.

Scatter them in a National Park:

The guidelines for scattering are here. They require a permit, but it’s usually worth the paperwork if it meant a lot to your loved one.

Have them pressed into a diamond.

Life is short, but diamonds are forever.  This keepsake can be handed down for generations.

If you want to be clear about your wishes for your ashes, the best thing you can do is leave a detailed roadmap for your family.  That’s called a Legacy Plan.  Call 970-879-1572 to get your pre-meeting packet and get started making a plan today.

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