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5 Winter Things to Do Together

You’ve heard the sayings, “Don’t let time pass you by,” and “Stop to smell the roses.” One tradition in our home is making cold-weather and warm-weather to do lists. Not chores, but out-of-the-ordinary memory-making opportunities we want to see through amidst our day-to-day routines before the weather changes.

We collaborate as a family as to what makes the cut and then post it on our refrigerator and check things off as we accomplish them.

When the weather changes, we have fun looking back, laughing, and reminding ourselves of these ordinary days made extraordinary. I have hopes of saving our lists neatly in scrapbook someday, but for now they end up in the back of my closet in the same silly shopping bags with our other future scrapbook “guts” (ticket stubs, concert programs, postcards, etc.). . .


Please tell me I’m not the only one too busy making memories to scrapbook?

Perhaps you will want to borrow some of our To Do’s to make memories with your loved ones, or make your own list and share it with us!

Here’s our 2016 Winter List:

What a joy to experience winter rather than just plow through it, removing snow and waiting for spring.  Each season has its particular beauty, and we want to wish you and your family the same joy of winter!

Are any of these activities are on your Winter List?  We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook Page about your favorite winter activities, and we’ll share some of our favorites collected from you our readers in our next newsletter!

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