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5 Ways We Support Caregivers

An estimated 65.7 million Americans will serve as a family caregiver for an ill or disabled relative this year.

With the pandemic, that number could be much higher.

And we know that though many, many Americans share this experience, being a caregiver can feel isolating. Lonely. Like you're the only one.

That's why we're focusing on caregivers all through the month of May. We want you to know that you're not alone.

Yes, our law firm focuses on estate planning. But estate planning is also closely linked to elder law. Over the past several years, we've helped hundreds of clients navigate end of life choices. That's one of our passions as a law firm.

So, if you need support as a caregiver, consider these five ways we can help:

1. Supporting your financial goals: in estate planning, we've worked with many clients who support their elderly loved ones financially. If something happens to the caregiver, their parent may not continue receiving this financial support. We can also help you to align your future plans with your finances in a way that makes sense. If you need the help of a financial planner, we can give you a reference.

2. Making connections: with so much experience behind the team at Swan Law, and as established locals in Steamboat Springs, we're able to help facilitate the connections you need to make life easier for your loved one. Not sure who to call about home health services? Want to feel connected to other caregivers? We know the right people to call. This goes for financial services, social workers, and more.

3. Understanding insurance: the pandemic has required us to all reconsider our priorities. Some people have lost jobs, which leads to a loss of life insurance or other insurances. We can connect you to the right people to get the financial services you need to protect your family.

4. Protecting assets for the future: Long-term care is expensive, and that is often how family caregivers end up in the position of taking time off work to care for a loved one. We help families make the smart decisions about how to protect assets for the future. You're likely concerned about how your loved one will afford long-term care, or what they can reasonably afford. We're prepared to help you understand Medicaid and other financial options.

5. Providing you with resources: our free library contains helpful resources for caregivers and anyone else who needs an estate plan. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page, where we're posting resources and information every day for caregivers. We'd love to know more about what you want to know, so we can curate this information better. Leave a comment here on the blog or on Facebook, and we'll answer your question on a future post!

While it's never been easy to be a caregiver, the pandemic is posing new challenges. We admire the love and work you put into caring for your loved ones every day. And we're here to support you: call 970-879-1572 for more information, or schedule a Legacy Planning Session today.

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