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5 Fun Things for Little Ones This Month

After such a snowy winter, the valley is sure to be very green this spring, and it’s a great time to get little ones outside without all the fuss of mittens and snow boots and hand warmers and everything else.

Here are five fun Steamboat springtime things you can do together to make the most of this beautiful time of year:

Nature Hunt Bingo: Teach “leave no trace” values and learn the names of plants and insects in your neighborhood when you go on a walk to find the items on your bingo card. It adds a little activity to your regular walking route!

Picnic: Any meal becomes special when you’re sitting on an old bedsheet in the backyard. Take along the “Teddy Bears Picnic” and your favorite stuffy, and you’ve got a built-in story time too.

Fakeout Campout: A backyard tent makes a great fort and pretend play space for little ones. Familiarize your kids with the routine of camping now, and when it’s warm enough to camp, they’ll not only be excited to go, they’ll understand more about what to do when you get there.

Watch a waterfall. Waterfalls are so impressive this time of year with all the snow melt in spring. Take the easy walk together to Fish Creek Falls and be amazed by the water! Who is brave enough to stick their toes in the chilly water?

Blow bubbles. One thing that definitely doesn’t work in winter is blowing bubbles–this just screams the freedom of summer! Make your own with a recipe like this one, from “Spaceships and Laserbeams” blog.

And don’t forget to come to Newborn Network on May 14 at 11 to see Catherine & Lauren and learn more about protecting your kids and finding peace of mind. Have questions? Get in touch with Jamie at

We wish you a happy & healthy spring with your little ones!

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