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3 Tips for a Well-Designed Life

I have a confession: sometimes, I write something down on my to-do list, after it’s already done, just to check it off.

Wait, you do that too?  Of course you do, because ticking that box has a physical benefit, a little release of endorphins, that makes you feel good about yourself, accomplished, even better than a little bite of chocolate.

It’s not cheating; it’s a wellness practice.  Little rewards keep you motivated to continue working toward your goals.  Lately, I’ve encountered a few concepts that I’ve found helpful to creating a well-designed life.  Call them “hacks,” if you will, but they are small, achievable boxes you can tick off your list, to feel good about what you’re doing for your health, both body and mind.

Practice Monotasking

Not long ago, being a multitasker was a prized skill among workforce.  Now, having the ability to sustain an attention span and to focus on a single task is recovering from a bad rap.  A New York Times article challenges the reader to stay still through a whole reading, arguing that just a few seconds away from a task takes much longer to regain the lost momentum.  I find monotasking almost like a guilty pleasure, an excuse to ignore my phone for a while and accomplish something.  Go ahead, achieve flow, get lost in a specific task, and know that multitaskers are going down in history as people who look at their cell phones while driving.

Curate Your Digital Life

You are in control of when you engage with your digital life.  Don’t be fooled by the false urgency of Facebook notifications, a single new email, or a new follower.  I recently heard a talk from a novelist who spoke about losing the ability to engage with his fictional world because the digital world constantly interfered.  While most of us can’t disconnect so drastically, as we require email for work, we can be selective about when, where, and how we engage with digital life to make it purposeful instead of just glazed-over scrolling through news feeds.  Even just curating the environment in which you choose to use the Internet can have a powerful effect, and don’t forget to power down at least an hour before bedtime, as screen light keeps brains active and awake.

Know Your Chronotype

Take a short survey on to determine your Chronotype – your genetic predisposition for sleeping and waking.  You’ll better determine how and when to sleep, what times of day you are most productive, and more importantly, the chronotypes of the people you work with can help you better understand when to approach them with specific tasks or inquiries.  Have a little fun and set yourself up for success.

We love the idea that organization in one area of your life radiates outward, creating a whole life that’s intentionally designed.  There are few practices where this is more apparent than in your Legacy Plan.  Investing just a few hours in creating this plan can lead to greater financial wellness, peace of mind, and, of course, protection for your loved ones.  This is a big box you can check off your list, and we know you’ll feel more than just a little endorphin kick.  Define your values and make a plan for your whole life.

If you need assistance with making a plan, call Jamie at (970)879-1572.

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